At we can make that special piece that fits the spot or style you need, whether it's modern freestanding furniture or a piece of french reproduction. If you have some wall paneling or furniture we can reproduce and add the age and patina you need. Doors and windows can also be reproduced to meet your requirements.

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This English Oak bed has been enlarged to a King size bed by carefully dismantling, fitting new rails and slats and recreating the same curve of the top rail as the original bed. The feel, age and look of the bed has therefore been retained.The finish is a hand applied Egg Shell French Polish.


Glass domes. Replacement bases can be hand turned to  suit your glass dome ,then traditionally ebonised with a French polish.                                                          



Custom Paint Finishes

Custom paint finishes are often applied to all kinds of funiture new, old, small or large. This type of finish turns your piece into something unique whilst suiting your taste and preference to a tee.